Yuan Zuo

Yuan Zuo advocates a Chinese traditional sense of space, emphasizing color, creating lights and manifesting the beauty of the material.  His contemporary works reflect an Eastern aesthetic.

He is not afraid to create beautiful work.  Some of his paintings appear as aerial landscapes and others give viewers a sense that you are experiencing nature first hand.

His style is unique.  It is a combination of Expressionism and Impressionism, creating interesting surfaces that appear tactile and also luminous.  He is an artist’s artist who enjoys teaching and lecturing young artists about the history and craft of painting.

Zuo is  an art professor in Beijing and has also lectured and taught in the U.S., including working with students at Columbia University.

He studied at the Central Academy of Fine Art in Beijing and has been painting in China and the U.S. for over twenty years.

His work is in numerous private and corporate collections.  Additionally, his paintings have been exhibited in museums worldwide.