Sigrid Burton

Abstract artist, Sigrid Burton, is a Bennington College graduate. She spent her young adult years as an assistant to Helen Frankenthaler.  She later went on to become a highly respected artist in her own right.

For Burton, color and imagery are meant to evoke associations  from the viewer and the content is intended to be ambiguous and mysterious.

She is interested in the common language of forms and the shared cross-cultural use of symbol and form throughout history.

Her works often reflect the influence of the culture, landscape and light of the many places she has travelled.

In 1994-95 she went to India on a Fulbright fellowship to study the meaning and use of color in traditional Indian art forms.

This experience had a profound influence on her work then and now.

Her fascination with the profound expressive and communicative power of color has been a constant throughout her artistic career.

Her works are in numerous public and private collections including: The Metropolitan Museum of Art; John and Mable Ringling Museum; B.F. Goodrich Co.; Citicorp; Lowe’s Theater; Merck & Co. and the Rockefeller Foundation.