René Romero Schuler

René Romero Schuler’s expressionistic paintings depict delicate female figures that she paints using a dry-brushed, minimalist hand, leaving her subjects mostly featureless but nonetheless imbued with emotional interiority. While some of her subjects appear lost and isolated, other works depict couples holding hands in private moments of bliss.

Her powerful images speak to the complexities of the human condition and the spirit that connects all human beings.

Schuler’s paintings and sculptures are purposely semi-abstract and textured, rendering them open to interpretation by the viewer. Their power lies in the layers of applied materials scraped, carved and incised by hand and the elusive quality of the figures – wholistically beautiful but symbolic of the scars and flaws that shape individuals.

Schuler has exhibited in Paris, Rome, Miami, and Chicago, and her works are in the collections of the Union League Club of Chicago, the Loyola University Museum of Art, Grand Valley State University in Michigan, the Coral Springs Museum of Art, and the Sardiñas Gallery at St. Thomas University in Miami.