Qin Feng

QIN FENG (B. 1961) one of the leading Chinese contemporary ink painters and represents China’s avant-garde movement. He studied at Shandong University of Art and Design and then moved to Berlin and later the U.S.

His work experiments with a combination of traditional Chinese ink painting and Western Abstract Expressionism, thus maintaining a link with earlier and modern generations.  .

Feng uses traditional calligraphic materials but employs his brush with the energy of the Abstract Expressionists.

He often uses tea and coffee in his pieces.

Inspired by his upbringing in Xinjiang, a multicultural intersection of the silk roads, he has incorporated Chinese, Arabic, and Russian language into his work,

His work has been exhibited in museums worldwide including The Metropolitan Museum of Art; Museum of Fine Arts, Boston; Israel Museum, Jerusalem; Museum of Contemporary Art, Milan and the Asia Art Center, Boston.

Additionally, his pieces are in major international public and private art collections