Pamela Harris

New York based artist, Pamela Harris, creates action based pastels with wonderful color and movement abstraction.

For Harris, abstraction removes the simulation that exists with an image and therefore changes the immediacy of the experience.

What attracted her to abstraction was how it contextualized with nudes, florals and landscapes. Inherent in abstraction is control versus freedom; by taking away limitations based on judgment she could see abstraction in a new light and became less constricted.

Harris prefers works with a square format, removing the horizontal landscape or spiritual verticality.

She constructs the drawings without deliberate thought.

Making these drawings is an intimate experience for the artist. Their numbered titles are dates signifying the order in which they were created, and they are also days that make up her life. Matters of the heart, soul and spirit simultaneously exist in the anxious beauty of the work.

Harris has exhibited extensively. Her work can be found in many private and corporate collections, including Time Warner, General Dynamics, The Ritz Carlton Hotels, Four Seasons, RJ Lee Group and The State Department (American embassies in Kabul, Afghanistan and Sofia, Bulgaria).