Meredith Allen

Photographer Meredith Allen (1964 – 2011) worked with a variety of subjects, but she is best known for her “Melting Ice Pops.”  This series of wonderful c- prints is, at first glance, a memory of childhood. However, there is greater symbolism. The melting ice pop is a reminder of the joys of summer and youth, both of which are fleeting.

This series was photographed by Allen as she holds each ice pop.  The hand in the photos is that of the photographer who took great interest in how the ice pop dripped.

In her own words, “my photography depicts the ever-changing landscape of the world around me.  I look for opportunities to introduce a new context to my surroundings.”

Allen’s photos are in numerous private collections, as well as the Wichita Art Museum; Brooklyn Museum;Harvard University; New York Public Library; Levi Straus Inc; Swiss Re Capital and Harvard University School of Business.

Her work was featured in CEPA Quarterly, Tridyle, Artforum and the New Yorker.  She taught at Rutgers University and the New School.