Liz Dexheimer

Liz Dexheimer’s abstract, colorful landscapes reveal her fascination with the illusory and transcendent qualities of light and atmosphere.

She is interested in conveying a sense of place that goes beyond any particular location. In her recent paintings, she has been focusing also on the intangibility of the ethereal, the feeling of limitlessness and forever in the far view.

She de-constructs found man-made imagery as a point of departure, re-interpreting it to suggest natural light, reflection, what lies beyond. She has always translated everything into a more reductive state, regardless of her source of inspiration, eliminating anecdotal markers, distilling information to try to get at the essence, the idea of it

She is drawn to water imagery, the ambiguity of reflections and the multiple horizon lines they create, the contrast between flow and stasis.

Dexheimer works with a limited palette, focusing on the sense of fullness, of atmospheric depth that emerges when a few colors interact and intermix.

She has an extensive resume.  Dexheimer has shown in numerous galleries and museums. Her work is in many important collections including Essex House; General Reinsurance Co.; Frontier Communications; Ritz Carlton and United People’s Bank.