Jane Booth

Jane Booth lives and works on the rural midwest prairie where the broad, open vistas of land, water, and sky, act as a foundation for her work. She paints from the inside out, from her meditation of life experiences then out, through the physical activity of pouring, pushing, and brushing paint.

Often creating monumentally scaled, color saturated canvases, her process is tactile and physical. Booth begins with large swaths of raw canvas on the floor. Engaging all of her senses, she accesses a nonverbal internal landscape, translating into a felt sense of color and mark. Paint is poured and pushed by hand into the canvas and a calligraphy of gesture akin to dance informs the composition. Only later, once the canvas is up on the wall, do gestures and forms emerge evolving in conversation forming a visual language that is Booth’s alone. 

Booth’s paintings are in 600 + private and corporate collections worldwide including: Kansas University Hospital, Kansas City, MO; Blue Cross/Blue Shield, Cisco Systems, H&R Block World Headquarters and Hilton Hotels, as well as the Daum Museum of Contemporary Art, Sedalia, MO.