Eric Jiaju Lee

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Eric Jiaju Lee’s work is an intersection of Modernist abstraction and traditional Chinese painting. He incorporates a process that is both intentional and improvisational by employing a technique that involves pouring and dripping paint onto raw canvas. With attention to the formal visual aspects of painting, the artist applies Chinese philosophical principles to inform the composition, especially with regards to the interplay of positive and negative space, a representation of the Yin-Yang (passive-active) duality.

Jiaju Lee is has exhibited extensively in the U.S and abroad. His works are in many private and corporate international collections, including the US, UK, Canada, China, Germany, Philippines and Australia. In 2009 Lee was commissioned by the Mandarin Oriental Hotel Group to create a painting that would become the official brand logo of their Las Vegas hotel. The large scale painting now graces a wall of the hotel’s 23rd floor Sky Lobby, overlooking Las Vegas Boulevard while its “sibling” painting adorns a wall of the residential lobby of the same building. His work also belongs to several corporate collections including Dixon Advisory, one of Australia’s leading financial institutions

The recipient of numerous awards and honors, he is widely covered in the press from television and the internet, to magazine and newspaper publications. In order to connect more deeply with the cultural and artistic roots of his Chinese heritage, Lee worked in Beijing, China from 2004 – 2008.

He currently has his studio in the U.S.