Amy Genser

Mixed Media artist Amy Genser makes dimensional paper collages. These colorful, textural, one-of-a-kind wall pieces embody movement and processes. She masterfully manipulates paper — each piece being cut, rolled and stacked — to mimic organic forms and natural processes. While starting as flat piles of paper, her artwork builds and grows into 3-dimensional constructions filled with color, texture and patterns.

Evocative of natural forms and organic processes, her work is simultaneously irregular and ordered. She uses paper as pigment and constructs her pieces by layering, cutting, rolling, and combining paper.

The natural world is a clear source for Amy’s work. She is fascinated by the flow of water, the shape of beehives, and the organic irregularity of plants, flowers, rock formations, barnacles, moss, and seaweed. Her pieces bring to mind aerial landscape views, satellite imagery, and biological cellular processes.

Genser’s exploration of paper as medium began while studying for her graduate degree in graphic design at Rhode Island School of Design. Today, her work has been exhibited at many venues throughout the northeast United States and has been featured in publications such as Architectural Digest. She earned her MFA in Graphic Design from the Rhode Island School of Design.